Fall in input signal level at input pin of TPA6211

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    Feb 24, 2010
    I am connecting +ve input of the Audio Amplifier (TPA2611) to ground through 10k resistance in series with a capacitor (value same as that of the resistor and capacitor connected in series with the -ve input terminal to source),it results in the fall of input signal at -ve input pin of the IC to 1/2 the value before the 10K resistor.Is it ok , or there is some problem.Please let me know what can i do to correct it.

    For example when i am feeding 7V Pk-Pk at TP6, I am getting around 3.5V pk-pk at pin no4 of TPA6211(U5) and around 7V pk-pk at O/P of amplifier.

    Circuit diagram is attached for your reference.


    <img alt="">
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    Circuit diagram is too large. Resize it to 800 by 600
    Recheck and attach it.