Extra Power out for Coolermaster Aerogate II

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Joined Apr 7, 2004
If there should be a kind person here to help me with a Circuit (Diagram) to make a bigger output for my computer Tower coolers, as I control with an Coolermaster
Aerogate II. It has four channel output for different control. In one of the channel
I shall control my Tower coolers, and can max use 18 W with 12V. So I think it can
be possible to put an extra Transistor to the output of the channel for coolers and be piossible to control my 8 coolers for my Tower. In the output channel it regulate
the temprature by speed of the collerfans wit a + and - and a reference from the
cooler. Has anyone a circuit or an idea, I will be very happy to recieve something
I can build, Pcb I can made by my self. Hope to hear from anyone in the forum.

Best greetings
paddy 1026, Denmark