External Interrupt in PIC16F877

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I have used 3 analog input (0-5V) through pin RA0, RA5 and RE0 (in terms of three parameter like pressure, TDS and Turbidity) and I am displaying output of ADC on LCD at interval of few second each in PIC16F877 using hi-tech compiler.

Now during scrolling of parameter, I want to hold the current parameter by pressing one switch and by using another switch called Reset, I want to again scroll the parameter on LCD at interval of few second.

I think that I have to use external interrupt but I dont know how to implement it.

I have attached code for your reference.

Plz suggest me that how can I implement the code.

Waiting for your support,

Thank you in advance.
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Using an interrupt to read a pin is not the way to go about things. Buttons actually work really badly for a computer to read: when pressed they give multiple changes, and a fast computer will see them all. It's switch bounce, and every switch has it.

A button is best read (relatively) slowly: in my work I set up a button scan routine that looks at the buttons every 20 mS or so, and does no declare a button pressed until it reads the same thing twice in a row. That gets rid of the bounce.

You can see if your main loop gives you enough delay to use to scan, or what I do is I dedicate a timer to give me 1mS interrupts so not only do I get a time reference (very useful for many things) but I also have it check the buttons and leave the result in a global variable.


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Could you post your code. It could help to see what you have done. Something went wrong with your code attachment in your first post

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I have attached my code.
In this code, I want to implement the interrupt but i dont know how to implement it.

Plz support.




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Dear All,

To interface keypad in pic16f877, will I need to connect +Vcc with resistor to input port to detect the switched pressed???

Can you give me logic of key detection???

Thank you