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It is standard cryptocurrency mining setup. It will take any PCI-e card, nVidia, AMD, Intel, whatever.

You are completely confused me with mentioning of wifi card. The external graphics card slot is connected to PCI-e slot, any PCI-e slot.

GT710 is the absolute bottom of the product line of nVidia chips. It works, but... if you want something that works, you can get older nVidia 8400, old nVidia GT210, somewhat old nVidia GT610. All these cards are the absolute lowest performance, but they work so there is little point spending money for 710. If you have integrated video chip already, use that, it is almost as good as 710.

Also note, the extender you linked is 160 USD for 50 extender boards. The card you linked is 40 USD. I would not do it. Well... unless... you are building mining operation, but then why waste money on 710 if you can have 730 for about the same money... Have you considered the electric bill for you operation? Parents are going to pay it? (I mean, that is how I would do it.)

Don't forget that Chinese sell a lot of fake cards, where they flash firmware to say one thing, then you run GPU-z and see clocks and ram that are from much older and slower cards.

If you are in US:
- you can buy "refurbished" with 1 year warranty single slot GT710 for 30 USD, with shipping it will likely be same as that Chinese card, but! You will actually get 710 and don't have to worry about getting a fake.
- if you want powerhouse card on the cheap, and don't mind the electric bill, you can get GTX570 for 60 USD: https://www.evga.com/products/product.aspx?pn=012-P3-1570-RX
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Thank you for the detailed explanation, it is usefull.

I mind the bill, I pay the rent. I have 3 PCI slots. My notebook is dell E6320 with INTEL HD 3000. I was thinking of something external that would be good enough to at least get my performance to the level which XP had back in the days only with 1GB of RAM. I play the same games, I watch the same videos, but with a dual core 4 thread processor and 8GB DDR3 1600MHz I have lower quality...... I was hoping to use one of the slots which is where the wifi card goes and I can put 3 wifi cards, to be used for a graphics card. It can be something similar to the Nvidia quadro 300 series or something like that or the real old nvidia 615m which was in my single core dektop computer and still had better performance with 2 GB of RAM and the AMD Sempron 3200+.