Exterior light control:

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    May 31, 2011
    hi we are working on a project that my task in was the exterior lighting in villa and the task in details as following and as required Exterior light control:

    Ensuring lighting is on whenever it is dark outside and off when there is sufficient daylight or the area is no longer occupied.

    Exterior lighting design is generally broken into two primary categories of lighting:
    1-Exterior security night lights = all lights that turns on at dark and remains on all night until dawn when sufficient daylight returns.
    2-General exterior lighting= lighting that is on when it is dark and turns on subsequently during the night time when the area is no longer occupied.))
    i need two circuits using avr programmed chips ,ldr ,sensors that feel the entrance of some one and the exit of him so the light can turn on or of to do those two tasks and need help urgently because we are suppose to handle the project very soon

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    This sounds like a commercial endeavor. You should be using commercially available, UL approved equipment, installed by a licensed electrician.