Extending Serial using Cat5

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    Jan 21, 2008

    So I have to install some 2400baud Serial devices throughout a medium sized warehouse. Would it be possible to wire them using Cat5 cable, with lengths up to 150 feet, to a hub? What about using USB instead of Serial? I've seen lots of pages where people report up to 50m transmission of USB using Cat5 cable, just wondering if you guys have any experience with it.

    I'll be connecting about 12 RFID reader's to a hub, then from the hub to a computer another hundred or so feet away.

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    Is this RS-232 serial ±12V, or TTL serial (5 or 0V)?

    Do you have an oscilloscope?
    Max distance at 2400 baud is 500 ft (at ±12V signal levels)

    Not sure what you would be using for a "Hub" in serial terms, unless it is a switching box.

    Baud vs. Distance (Scroll Down)

    Cat5 is essentially unshielded cable, but has some self-shielding properties when driven with a differential signal, which RS-232 is not. Only one Tx and one Rx pin.
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    There are some Serial to Ethernet devices that would give you pretty good range. Netburner or B&B Electronics come to mind as sources.