Exporting data from MCU to GUI, which method should be used???

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I am at the final stages of a project (designing a relay board, DC motors) and need to have data exported through the board to monitors for data logging, graphing, cycle counting, temp sensor, flagging, etc.

I need to set up a fairly detailed user interface for this process. If need be, I could store all data onto a sd card and then transfer this data onto computers, but my company would prefer direct connection.

What options do I have for GUI? The user also should be able to communicate with my MCU to control settings.

I have USB set up as a virtual com port for controlling relay board settings via hyperterminal. (forward time, reverse time, brake time, etc)
The GUI will be a sort of life test/cycle test evaluater.

I HAVE NEVER SET UP EXTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS. I have no idea if I should use ethernet, somehow use visual basic or what options I have for that matter.

Any advice?

Any suggestions as to what would be simplest?


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If you already have a USB connection working then you're almost there.
Next you have to choose your programming platform.
Visual Basic, Labview or MATLAB should work.
What is your baud rate?

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I can use USB even if I am using it as a rs-232 connection??? Buad rate can be easily changed. Currently it is 115200. I am using a virtual com port, so I am implementing the exact same situation/protocol as rs-232 but with usb hardware. This is what the boss wanted.

Is is still possible to use the programs above when considering this?

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Ok, can you point me in the right direction? What programming platform? I am only familiar with RIDE7 programming STM32F1 and using IAR Embedded workbench occasionally. What do I download or purchase to start learning how to do this? I would prefer to use Visual Basic as I have played around with it a bit. I am not used to going into projects feelings kind of blind, anything else you would recommend for me to do or read before starting forward with this??? Thanks for the help!


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Use a USB capable PIC. You can add it to your board!
For instance there are small controllers: 18f13k50 and 18f14k50.

There is USB stack C code available from the Microchip website.
It is not so much difficult to make it working, even for a plain controller that you mounted on a board. Even if the code is normally designed for their evalution PCBs.

Look at the attachment, this is a small USB gizmo I have cobbled together. It works! All it needs is a 12 MHz crystal (I use a canned oscillator here).

The source code for the Windows application is supplied (C++). I can toggle the LED using the Windows program, or read the pushbutton. Originally the PIC firmware is intend for some kind of demo board which has 4 LEDs, and 2 pushbuttons.



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I would recommend using windows forms from the .NET framework. Wpf is good, but can be pretty confusing at first. In windows forms, you can drag a serial port module into your project, this will allow you to grab data from your virtual com port.

You could tag your data with an identifier, sending 2 bytes, the first describing the data, the second being the data.

I prefer C# personally, I feel the .net framework is a little more tedious with VB.