EX fat formated drive no delete, cut option

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    I have an older ~40GB IDE laptop hard drive. I am currently using it on an IDE/SATA to usb adaptor like a big thumb drive. I used it today in secure download manager (special program for MS downloads I get through school.) go to copy some stuff later and getting a message basically saying. "unable to copy because this drive has an error, or not accessible" now I went to cut some files off it and cut don't show. so I did copy figure delete them later. problem is there is no delete either, and even keyboard commands refuse to do it. I looked at the properties of the drive, and nothing like read only, or anything I could see that would cause this. I don't know a lot about ex fat, and goggled it a bunch of different ways and getting nothing of any value. I can copy the stuff and format it, but would like to know if this is common with EXfat and if so then I'll just use NTFS. also just curious as to what would be causing this, only reason I can see is corruption, but never had issue with drive doing this before.
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    Doza says Microsoft has made t iclear, no more FAT and stay from FAT32 formats. My experience with ASUS and Gigabyte MOBO's implies stay away from XP formatting SATA for the present. It was my best dual boot of XP and VISTA. The hd's are IDE Maxtor and WD formatted NTFS, piece of cake now. Getting ready to dual boot VISTA and Win 7, I have lots of interest in Win 8. I believe my socket 478 3.4GHz CPU is as fast as ASUS and Gigabyte 3.8 GHz. Duals and Quads need programming utilizzation to beat me in Battlefield. There is a long time line in shopping best price for IDE hds, thanks for reading this. And by the way XP and VISTA are Microsoft Validated.
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    Laptop hardrives are prone to fail especially older one's.

    FAT32 is not a problem at all. If the disk is corrupt you may need to fix the corruption. If it is the hardware, save what you can + throw out.

    Same here- connected via USB/IDE adapter. IDE cables are just to messy.
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    old harddrives are notorious for failures because:
    a) they are moving devices
    b) they are mobile devices

    mobile devices experience additional wear due vibration, bumps etc. heads fly over drive surface incredibly close and drives spin quite fast. it only takes one bump to a spinning drive to destroy the head (this happens when head touches drive surface). this also damages drive surface (data) but loosing few sectors is not the same as loosing head.