Evolution in action?

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I've just given our lawns their first haircut of the season but was surprised to find that, despite two or three runs of the mower over them, many dandelions (no, I don't use a broad-leaved weed-killer on them!) were reluctant to be beheaded. Normally the dandelion flower-stalk is 5 or 6 inches long, but this year many were less than 1 inch, so the flower heads were down in amongst the grass. Perhaps the dandelion is evolving to be mower-resistant :)?


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Ah dandelions... I had 2.. yes only 2 in my yard this year..
If I could just get my neighbors to care about their lawn as much as I do I would never see one again..

Emerald Zoysia sod is the BEST warm season grass ever and chokes out most weeds before they even have a chance to grow..

Most of my neighbors have 99% weeds in their yards..
Here is a shot of mine.. (last year with a bit of weed/crabgrass that came on the sod.. Thats all gone now and its like a plush carpet just waiting for barefeet)


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Dandelions absolutely shorten the stem of the flower following a cut. They wouldn't be such a pain if they didn't have this ability. Not evolving, just adapting.


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I wonder if the low ones are always there anyway, but they only become obvious when the tall ones are lopped off. I've seen dandelions get 2' tall or more also. Amazing ability to make seed no matter the conditions.


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My Theory of Turf:
Any place that has nutrition available, something will use it.
If the nutrition available is sparse, only thrifty plants will grow. They are usually called, "weeds".
They have low nutrition budgets and they look like it!
If you want luxurious turf, you must supply a better nutrition budget.
The more nutritionally expensive plants will out perform the thrifty plants if they can get their needs met.
Adjust your nutrition budget for the plants that you want.

Not a perfect solution to all your vegetative needs, but a good start.