Euler's Number

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    Sorry if this is too nit picky...

    Should replace "Euler's Constant with Euler's Number"

    Volume III - Semiconductors » Diodes And Rectifiers » Introduction

    The two diode formulas incorrectly refer to 'e' as Euler's Constant, when it is actually Euler's Number. Euler's Constant (gamma) is a different value (0.5772156649...), and Euler's Number 'e' (Napier's Constant) is 2.71828...
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    I was not aware of the Euler's constant myself either. Thanks for pointing it out.
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    You are correct. I'm aware of the distinction, but frankly can't keep it straight in my mind which is which and since I have never actually worked with the Euler Constant (that I can recall), I tend to not notice when the Euler Number is misidentified as the Euler Constant.

    Hence, I do think it would be good not only to correct the terminology in the E-book, but to burn up a sentence or to pointing out that there is a different constant that is also named in his honor and that constant is called the Euler Constant. No need to go into any further detail. The way the OP described it is probably sufficient.
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    I have changed image 13048.png to reflect Euler's Number instead of Euler's constant at ibiblio.

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    Thanks for being smarter than I,