Ethical Hacking Anyone?

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Hello there....


Does anyone have any pdf/microsoft doc material on Harmless hacking ...
Hacking Win XP ..


I'll be waiting :)


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Don't hold your breath - Gates & Company are a bit clueless about the operation of XP, too. Remember that it's pieced together by literally hundreds of nobody programmers who work on bitty code segments with what seems to be a lack of adult supervision.

Get Regclean - this is a MS product supposed to spiff up the old registry. On a clean factory install of XP Pro, it finds and corrects errors. The you get all the XP updates - more errors found & corrected. Finally, load MS app (XP Office). Result, another round of errors in the registry. I have just gone through this insanity with 9 new Gateway computers.

If you can figure XP out, you're gonna be ahead of the folks in Redmond.

Interestingly, "ethical hacking" used to be the term for learning to write code. You grabbed someone else's program and figured it out enough to start doing your own. This was before computer science and K & R, the most anal pair of coders born.


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Since hacking copyrighted material is illegal I feel discussing this topic is not suitable for this forum, therefore I am locking this thread.
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