ESP32 & CP2102 w/ Auto Reset Circuit

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I've designed the attached circuit in EasyEDA and had it manufactured by JLCPCB, however it does not allow me to upload code via the Arduino IDE. It's an ESP-WROOM-32 with a CP2102 for the USB communication. The CP2102 enumerates and can be allocated to a port (Win10), but during upload the IDE eventually times out. I have identified a couple of errors I made (namely, I put 1K resistors instead of 10K on the auto reset circuit [fixed], and selected the wrong size footprints for a few passives), but I suspect there is a bigger problem preventing it from working.

Attached is the PCB design, the circuit design (some small revisions since, namely moving the resistors to be between the LEDs and ground), and the example auto reset circuit I referenced.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. I'm not an engineer of any kind, just a hobbyist - I have no doubt the PCB design is far from ideal.



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Hi 5sdpvl!
The main issue I noticed on your schematic is that the TXD and RXD lines need to cross over each other so that TXD from the CP2102 connects to RXD on the ESP32 and vice versa.
I would also recommend grounding the back plane on the ESP32, which would be pin 39 on the schematic symbol.
Hope this helps!