Esd(anti static) carrying box for semiconductor and electronic components transport

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  1. vinodquilon

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    Dec 24, 2009
    I used to carry a large amount of following items from one place to other by bus.

    1. Capacitors-5 types-Total 380 nos
    2. Connectors-14 types-total 40 nos
    3. Diodes-3 types-200 nos
    4. CMOS ICs-3 types-6 nos
    5. DIP ICs-5 types-66 nos
    6. TO 99 ICs-2 types-6 nos
    7. OP AMPs-1 type-2 nos
    8. FPGAs-2 type-4 nos
    9. SMDs-2 types-86 nos
    10.ADCs-1 type-2 nos
    11. RAM-1 type-2 nos
    12. MUXs-1 type-12 nos
    13. Crystal-1 type-2 nos
    14. EEPROM-1 type-2 nos
    15. Opto coupler-1 type-6 nos
    16. Pulse transformer-1 type-4 nos
    17. Relays-4 types-60 nos
    18. Resistors-20 types-288 nos
    19. Transistor-1 type-2 nos
    20, PCBs-4 types-6 nos

    I want to split the above 82 types in separate compartments of storage box.
    Which type of box should I prefer ?
    Can anyone give google links ?
  2. toffee_pie

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    Oct 31, 2009
    any box will do

    put individual parts into static bags, sealed.

    loose components should be fine together, but pack ICs in dedicated containers.

    for added precaution use a moisture sachet or 2