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    Dear Sirs,

    I was just perusing your site and reading the page with the below link. I believe that you have got your NPN and PNP type the wrong way around. I think the best way to correct the page is to swap around references to the NPN & PNP on your page. I have checked with a meter and your diagrams where you are explaining how to check if a transistor is NPN or PNP , which is the base, emitter and collector, and whether they are faulty and my findings do not correspond with your explanations. Please be aware that in a multi meter the red prod is actually connected to the negative of the battery inside and the black prod is connected to the positive of the battery. Any problems with this please contact me

    The link for the page is:

    Regards & Thanks....Homayoun Behjat.
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    You may have a unique meter. My black lead is negative all the time - my red is positive. For voltage, current and ohms/PNjunction checks. So, my meter check of transistors agrees with the illo in the Ebook.

    This is true for my Simpson 260 as well as my Fluke model 23 DMM.
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    I checked a BK Bench Tech, Extech, and generic Chinese and got same result as you, Beenthere.

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    Nov 17, 2003
    Thirded. The material is correct as presented.