Error in simulation with CD4017B !!!

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I am using TINA circuit Lab. I have added new Library of CD4000.lib but, When I select CD4017B from that for Desining "APLIANCE SWITCH USING TV REMOTE" IN TINA Circuit Lab and Start simulation then It show an Error say "Missing Syntax Element. #8 {CD4017B}.

Plz help me !!! I have added a Screen Snap of my Error. :(



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It may be because CP0 is floating. 4000 series CMOS components must always have all INPUTS connected to either GND/VSS or VDD/+V, in some way. If there is no current path, you will have problems.

Connect a 10k resistor from CP0 to GND. That way the push button switch can easily pull the input up when it's pressed.

You have R4 connected in series between the supply voltage and the VDD pin of the 4017. That will not work well.

You have R2 connected on the wrong side of R3; it should be on the transistors' base.

I don't see any GND symbol. Perhaps it is under the error message. You must have at least one GND symbol on the schematic.

You must not leave anything "floating" in the schematic; there must be a current path to GND somehow, even if it is through a power supply. A capacitor does not count as a path to ground, as they block current - so you can't have two capacitors in series without a resistor or some other conducting component between the two providing a current path to ground.


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have a look at this that i have quickly drawn up-just regarding the reset of the 4017-whichwhen the reset pin goes hi the 4017 is reset,when lo the 4017 is able to count,also using a switch as you have done to provide a clock signal will result in unreliable operation due to switch bounce.....