Error in SCS circuit

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    Oct 1, 2008
    In vol. III Semi-conductors, chapter 5 on thyristors, there is an error in the circuit diagrams for the article which describes silicon controlled switches. The left side diagram for the DC motor start/stop circuit using an SCS has the anode and anode gate connections reversed. The gate should connect to the motor, the emitter terminal (anode) to R2. The equivalent circuit shown to the right is correct. (cf. with the Equivalent schematic and Schematic symbol diagrams above.)
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    Thankyou for pointing out this error. You must be a thyristor expert to have known the correct soulution. In any event, I was able to verify that you are correct according to the following reference:

    [GE1]”Silicon Contolled Switches”, GE Transistor Manual, The General Electric Company, 1964, Figure 16.19(M)

    I have changed the image 03320.png at
    And the reference is now at the end of the ibiblio Volume 3, Thyristor chapter.

    You are credited as in the contributors list, Appendix A-2

    Thanks again

    Dennis Crunkilton