Error (?) in Characteristic impedance worksheet Q7

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    Jan 5, 2011
    I'm going to try this again...

    Feel free to tell me that RG58 has a DC resistance of 0R if you will but remember ""Good enough is enemy of the best."

    (This is not a question Bill_Marsden, so I think my original posting was valid given that this is a "Forum for providing feedback and suggestions about All About Circuits, including corrections to the e-book")

  2. Wendy


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    Your post is close to being abusive, IMO. It has been reported as such. I am a member here, not a moderator or administrator. Your first thread you were not registered, and you wanted to talk shop. This is not feedback, it still isn't.

    I'm wondering if you're Colin Mitchel myself, aka Talking.

    If not, you've made a fine start, welcome to AAC.

    You've figured out how to register, now if you would continue this in General Electronics Chat as was suggested. Flaming is not allowed, this is rigorously enforced. It is possible to disagree and still be civil.
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    The forum rules do not permit discussions with guests. The suggestion was that if you wished to pursue further discussion you needed to register.

    With no reference into the section of the worksheets, it is quite difficult to find the full question in order to place it into context. Any conductor has resistance, so the idea that 10 miles of a conductor would have no resistance is not likely to be correct.

    Let us simply say that your comments to Bill _Marsden seem very close to unacceptable. I can see no suggestion from him that you were wrong about the resistance question.

    You might supply the location of the possibly incorrect statement and reserve commentary of the above sort. Nobody challenged your original observation.
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    May 11, 2009
    We are only human in this forum. So errors may occur from time to time. And any objective discussion are welcome in this forum. So it should be no need to conduct any discussion from trenches in here
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    Jan 5, 2011
    My apologies for getting everyone so fired up. When I first threw my feedback in it was done in good faith and in the spirit of contributing to better understanding of a technical issue. Nowhere in the webpage where I was providing this comment did it seem to suggest that providing feedback required me to register. The quoted purpose of the forum is "for providing feedback and suggestions about All About Circuits, including corrections to the e-book" which is precisely what I was doing. I was therefore a bit suprised when this was quoted back to me and I was told to go and take it up in the 'General Chat'. Anyway, hopefully now that I've explained myself, that can all be put behind us...