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Hi, all.
Need some information regarding Rohde & Schwarz RMS Voltmeter URE2.
I issued command like what stated in the manual, for example:

Command: Result/Output
0010: *CLS
0020: ERRORS? 0
0030: *IDN? ROHDE & SCHWARZ, URE2, Firmwarevers.: 3.2
0040: ERRORS? 199

What i concerned here is why the code on 0040: ERRORS? will output the error code 199 where i only acquire simple SCPI command? Or do i need to specify something on command or i need to do issue some initialise commands at the begining of the program? I keep seeing the error code 199 and 68 after i issued the command to the instrument, even though the LCD display on the ROHDE & SCHWARZ URE2 will still shown COMMAND ACCEPT. Kinda confusing...
Can anybody help me on this because i found that there is so so limited resources regarding to this model of instrument....
That seems to be very specific but without a users manual, which you can buy for $125. There is probably one near the instrument, its just a matter of finding it. What kind of software are you using to talk to it?