error 0000h on 16F84A programming

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I am new into PIC programming, Can anybody help me with this ERROR 0000h during PIC 16F84A programming ? I was trying to program PIC 16F84A using JDM programmer, MPlab X , Ic-Prog as programmer interface and window XP SP3 . During the programming, it programmed code,programmed data and verify code but verifying data is the problem .During the verification of data , it show VERIFY FAILED AT ADDRESS 0000h . This project is Digital thermometer using LCD to display data and DS18B20 as sensor. Pls help me out.:confused::confused:


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The JDM programmer and USB to RS232 converters are in many cases not a very good combination. Also are you sure the JDM programmer work as it should. Check if you are able to erase the chip and then do a blank check. As a diagnostic. It could also be that your chip is not working. But as a starter do as Mark77 recommend
As a tip. Ditch the dodgy JDM programmer and get better one.