Equivalent Capacitance of a complex network

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Could someone help to find the equivalent capacitance between AB for the circuit attached (CapacitorNetwork.png). Assume all the capacitors are of same value "C"

I tried the logic mentioned in
"http://www.allaboutcircuits.com/vol_1/chpt_7/3.html".. but no luck

Also if I have a similar resistive network what will be the equivalent resistance.



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If the capacitor values are not equal this is a more difficult problem. With all capacitors equal to "C" say, it becomes much easier.

Try removing C2 from the circuit. What voltage would then appear across the C2 position if a voltage were applied across the ends of the network A and B? (You could do the same thing with the resistor version if that was easier for you.)

That should answer your question, I think. You might also find that you can re-draw the circuit into a rather more familiar form.

Edit: If you end up writing a bunch of simultaneous equations, you have missed something.