Equipments required to start my Home electronic workshop

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Please help me to collect equipments to start my own electronic workshop,I.e I want to know that which things are required in an electronic workshop
like Soldering iron, breadboard,Solder wire power supply and........................
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A lot depends on what you want to do in you "electronic workshop".
#1...a digital multimeter...doesn't have to be top of the line. I have a high end 5-1/2 Agilent DMM, a mid range Fluke, and cheapo no-name one. Guess which one gets the most use. ;)
Outside of misc. small screwdrivers, pliers, wire cutters, and strippers it depends on what you are planning on building or repairing. Do you have a vision?



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My choice was
1) a good DVM
2) a signal generator
3) an oscilloscope
and there are a slew of voltage sources and an amplifier with speakers
voltage sources include +/- 15 DC @ 100ma
a variac that I use to make AC voltages and drive my microwave transformer to make DC voltage in the hundreds for vacuum tubes.

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It was just a kind of basic component lab,I think this suggestions would help me buying the stuffs,THank you guys.
I agree with #12

digital volt meter
signal generator

and I would also add a power supply capable to power what you need and maybe an isolation transformer for safety.