Envelop Detector Design

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    Hello everyone,

    i have got a question about the Envelop detector design. i have attached an .asc file. My question i'm trying to get rid of the carrier frequency FC which its in my case is 12MHZ and get only fm=1KHz at the output,i selected the values to make the discharging the capacitor through the resistor takes a long time to avoid going into negative cycle but still it doesn't work. is there any suggestions or any idea how to make it works in the right order it will be much appreciated.

    i tried to use R=1.5Kohm
    C=0.01 micro farad
    which T=RC will be bigger than the 1/fm (1khz) and also RC is smaller than
    1/Fc (12MHZ)

    My Aim is to get a square wave at the final output with 1 KHZ

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