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  1. anamta

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    Dec 14, 2010
    heyyy ppl
    i just got stuck with my digital logic design project,
    its called the 8 bit entrance counter which counts the number of ppl entering a door.
    it needs to detect a person entering the room.and so count the total number of ppl entering through that gate. human counter inshort. and display the 8 bit result in the decimal form on a 7 segment display.....
    please help me out with this......i dunno how to interface two 7 segment displays for this purpose.....
    and wt all would be required in dis project.
    it wud b realy apreciated if anyone of u post me an outline..cux m rely bad at digital logic ......:(

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  3. anamta

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    Dec 14, 2010
    actually,,the trouble is that i have no idea where to start from..and what all to i need to assemble on the pcb for this project....
    this is what i wanted to know that what all hardware i need ....like upcounters any sort of flipflops or what??
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    Nov 25, 2009
    We can't do your homework for you. Post your ideas and any schematic you have come up with and we will comment and add to it.

    If your problem is to name the ICs, then that's doable. Just tell us what you want to use (ie. a D-Flip Flop) and we will tell you wich IC it is (7474).