Enquiries on SMART batteries interface with the SMBus

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Dear friends,

May I know the following regarding Li-Ion SMART batteries using the SMbus protocol:

- may I know how do I connect at least 3 Li-Ion batteries onto the SMBus line of SDA and SCl pins?
- the 3 Li-Ion batteries have the SDA and SCL pins each. Do I directly connect all the SDA pins to one point and all the SCL pins to one point and then connect the common point for SDA directly to my SDA pin and SCL common point directly to my SCL pin on my MSM945 CPU board respectively?

- if a kind of SMART batteries selector interface is required, can any kind soul out there give me some recommendation? The SMART Li-Ion battery is of the following capacity each (24V at 7.2Ah). I am using at least 2 to 3 of such batteries. Anyone can show me some light on this.

Thanks a million and best regards

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