Enough to make a grown man cry.


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The really sad part is that someone may actually buy them.

And the seller may try cleaning a rifle one day....


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Whatever it was, when I got to it there was a blank page with a notice: This page has been flagged for removal.


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The offering was a number of vacuum tubes. The "seller" had found that the glass envelope with the getter flash obscured the inner parts, and had broken all the glass off to expose the insides.

As the ad has been flagged for removal, it may have been a hoax. Painful to see the broken tube, though.


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Here's the text from the ad:
"Hi i have 8 7591 vacuum tubes that were new old stock, i tested these in a scott amplifier and worked well. I carefully removed the glass on each tube to clean both sides as all the tops had silver inside blocking view of tubes light now the tubes have no glass but may still work. asking 50.00 each."

The gene pool is indeed in need of chlorine... ;)


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Like the Arabs who threw away the air filters on their new American cars when the filters got clogged with sand.