Enhancing startup on MC60 treadmill motor controller

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I have a motor control board that has the same speed/startup characteristics as the MC60 (5k pot, zero to restart).

I would like to use it to control its PMDC motor on a CNC mill. For safe and proper operation, my Windows based G-Code controller (Mach3) needs to be able to turn the motor both off and on.

Can the MC60 control be upgraded to soft-start the motor to the RPM's that has been preset by the 5k pot? AC power to the MC60 will be switched by Mach3 through an opto-isolated solid state relay.
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How about adding a PC controlled relay wired up to the speed-pot to set zero speed at power up that can be energized to shift to the pot set speed? I believe it would work and should be pretty easy to set up.



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