Engineering vs. Technologist work

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    Feb 14, 2011
    I'll be going into my final term after this summer for electronics engineering technology and was thinking about going for a degree in electrical engineering after some extensive work experience(more so I can actually afford going to university afterwards). Has anyone here transitioned from a technician, technologist, etc. to an engineer successfully? How was your experience? Regarding electronics and circuit theory, how much more difficult, or in-depth was degree education compared to diploma education? I'd like to think I have pretty decent circuit analysis skills but the main thing I've read is that university is more about using advanced mathematics to solve circuits(there's actually techniques that are better than Laplace transformations? :confused:)

    My main reason for this is that I'm interested in both the hands on and design aspects of electronics, circuits, and would like to gain a better education when it comes to signal processing since my hobbies include audio topics. What about career differences are also typical? Did you find that one title was more interesting/fun than other regarding technology vs engineering?
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    Aug 29, 2010
    I do both as 40% on designs and anther 60% on side ... and enjoying it like a cheese cake ...
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    I was a technician for a couple of years before getting my BSEE degree. I think the hands-on technician experience helped me jump right in to design, and gave me a head start in being able to debug my own designs. My hobby experience prior to working as a technician also helped a lot.
    The additional theory learned during my upper-division college education was essential for me to be able to do effective design work. I have known non-degreed design engineers, but it is a long road, and the ones I knew still had weaknesses that were the result of insufficient education.
    Keep in mind that my career began in the 1960s. I retired 4 years ago.:rolleyes: