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    Feb 22, 2011
    I am currently in an introductory engineering class and I was tasked to interview an electrical engineer that is currently working in the field. I have contacted several major companies but have either not recieved a reply or was told I need to know the name of the engineer before I can get in contact with one. Since I was calling to meet an engineer I didn't know any of their names; therefore, I was wondering if any engineers on this forum would be so kind as to help me out. My name is Bruce Goveia and you can either just reply to this post with the information below, e-mail me at <snip> Thanks a lot.

    Must obtain:


    job position and employer

    work telephone # and email


    Colleges/Universities attended


    How does your work relate to your education?

    What does your job actually consist of?

    Describe the typical day at work?

    What kind of engineering problems do you encounter?

    How much school course work is used in your job?

    What courses from school were most useful to you on the job?

    What were least useful?

    What is satisfying/dissatisfying about the job?

    Knowing what you know about your profession, would you still choose to pursue it? What would you do the same/differently?

    Are there any special commitments in your job? (social events, overtime, etc.)

    What type of advice would you give someone in my shoes?

    What do you like best/least about working as an engineer?

    What do you think makes a good engineer?

    Describe your toughest job assignment.

    How much time do you get to spend with friends/family outside of work? Do you feel this outweighs the stress level of the career?

    What type of people would you suggest should not get into the engineering field?
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    1) Call a college and ask to speak to a professor. Then ask for recent graduates.

    2) Put an ad in a local newspaper offering a management job at $275K plus health benefits.

    3) Your contact information will probably be removed by a very thoughtful moderator.

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    We don't have any engineers on this forum,I guess Bertus will have to come to
    the rescue. I think Bertus is an engineer.On second thought, a first poster
    asking to much. Try best buy geek squad.