Energy meter for each circuit in a breaker panel?

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    I am not looking to build something here. I am wondering if anything already exists to do this. Might be interesting for the nerds and control freaks.

    Is there such a thing as a totalling kilowatt meter that has 60 or so inputs for amperage coil pickups?

    The idea here is to install a amperage coil pickup onto every circuit wire in a breaker panel, plus pickups for the incoming panel mains. The coil pickups for each circuit would be tiny, sized for #10 gauge or so, to fit inside a typical residential breaker panel.

    The pickups could be clipped around the circuit wires, or the circuit wires threaded through each pickup coil spool before screwing down in the breaker lug.

    Minute-by-minute usage graphs for each circuit would be logged internally on a few gigabytes of flash memory, and readable by a PC through a USB cable or wifi connection.

    So, just how much power is the furnace or water heater or kitchen stove or whatever using, and when? Let's find out. :D

    I highly doubt anything like this exists, as few people would care to know such detailed info about their home's power usage.

    - Dale Mahalko
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    Hmm, "requires a 2 year service contract, billed at $14.99 per month". Looks like someone is trying to line their pockets with additional profit after the initial sale, by requiring "activation".

    "Saves you up to 30% on energy bills!" Yep, which are mailed to Powerhouse Dynamics for the monthly service fees.

    I'm emailing them to find out what happens if that service contract expires and is not renewed. Is the equipment shut down and rendered useless?
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    Besides that, you will need 2 of them to get 60 circuits. (They only do 44 circuits each.) $1800 down plus 720 for "service"? I'd call you curious in more than one way if you paid that! Curious about electricity and curious in your spending habits.
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    Mar 31, 2012
    One of the guys here on the mountain has a system that monitors only whole house current draw, but it learns to identify items that are used repetitively. Basically it learns a current draw signature for it and then you can walk through the time plots and tag them with a name that has meaning to you, otherwise it will just assign them a sequential ID number.

    The system wasn't too expensive, since it was primarily software. I haven't talked to him about it recently and he had only installed it a few months prior to my last conversation with him, but he was pretty surprised at that time by how good a job it did at correctly identifying and tracking the major loads.