Energy conversions in a simple electronic device?

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Hi, I'm terrible at these sort of things, and to be honest I really don't know what i'm looking at here.

The question is :
What are the energy conversions taking place in the sample electronic device? (in the image)

What are the componentry of the sample electrical device, how does each component function in the circuit?

Bit stuck on this one.


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This has got to be homework. Try thinking a bit: one of the parts is marked "9 VOLT BATTERY". What are batteries for? What's inside them?

Then again that dark round object: is it a loudspeaker? What could that be there for?

The rest of the bits could be investigated with the help of a search engine, Google etc. Start with the 555, as its description may help.

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Sorry if it sounds like a bit of a 'duh' question. For an assignment, in which I've missed the majority of class time for due to personal reasons. Thanks for your input :)


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I'll give you a hint: think about the kinds of energy that might be present in a speaker, battery, and resistor, and other types of components: kinetic energy, thermal energy, chemical energy, electrical energy.