ENC28J60 with AT89S8252/3

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Hello everyone, this is my first post here. I currently have an University project which requires me to connect the ethernet module ENC28J60 via SPI with 8051 family microcontroller AT89S8252. I have found the source code which you can find attached and realized the communications as described in the source code and powered up the ethernet module but I seem to have problem with the concept of the project.

I want to achieve the following:

Write data on ENC28J60 using ethernet cable from RJ45 port on laptop to the module.
Transfer that data from ENC28J60 to the microcontroller using SPI.
Read the data written into the microcontroller on another PC.

Link to HEX file containing assembler code:


Could you please look at the beginning of the code and confirm to me that this is what the code actually tries to do?

Thank you in advance.