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    Dec 4, 2013
    Based on this information:
    “ it will be found that the emitter-base junction possesses a slightly greater forward voltage drop than the collector-base junction. This forward voltage difference is due to the disparity in doping concentration between the emitter and collector regions of the transistor: the emitter is a much more heavily doped piece of semiconductor material than the collector, causing its junction with the base to produce a higher forward voltage drop. “
    I was wondering if the graphical representation (as used on one of your preceding pages) should rather display the emitter larger than the collector in both PNP as well as NPN… or is there another valid reason why you display the collector graphically larger???
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    It helps a lot if you reference the material with a URL.

    I have worked with raw die all my professional career. The collector is usually the 1st layer, the main silicon waferl, while the base is created next on top, and then the emitter via doping.

    Since this was not a feedback or suggestion I have moved it to a more appropriate forum.
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    Bill, I am chuffed with your website and I experience it as very helpful, useful and professional so far.
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