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    Jul 29, 2009
    Hello there,

    Im also working on an EMG circuit to get an output waveform within the range of 0 to 5V and supply it to a PIC16F877A microcontroller. When the EMG signal reaches certain threshold values after passing through the inbuilt ADC on the PIC, im gonna try and send commands to another PIC which controls the movement of a robot, wirelessly if possible.

    Im using an INA128 instrumentation amplifier - a high pass filter with 10Hz cut off - precision rectifier circuit and finally a low pass filter with cutoff 0.5Hz (from Sedra & smith book)

    Im able to get the signal up to the precision rectifier stage.
  2. IIUM_Student

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    Jul 29, 2009
    Hello there

    Guys im new here & i dont have a solid background in electronics, just some pre-university physics. Im fascinated by the electronics to acquire biopotential signals such as ECG & EMG. I would like to learn & share as much as possible in this forum.
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    Welcome to AAC.

    I have moved your posts to their own thread. Please don't hijack existing threads with new questions.

    Speaking of which - was there one in your first post? If you are having problems, can you post up the schematic?