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I am an absolute beginner in Embedded Systems and I had an idea to test the Allwinner A83T processor with an bare bones board test and so I completed the design yesterday. But before I get it made by JLCPCB (because of $8 4 layer fabrication), I need somebody to tell me if this will boot and what I did wrong if anything. I will post the Kicad files if anyone is interested. I based it off of Olinuxino's A64 board, and the H8 Homlet board that I can't find online just the schematic. I also have read Jay Carlson's Embedded systems review many times. Also if there is people interested, I didn't length tune the ram because the distance between the ram and the A83T is 20mm, and I know I didn't use the recommended PMIC, the AXP818 but I didn't need the extra RTC or Audio Codec, so i used the 803 instead.