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hi everyone

i intend to learn how to make embedded systems with ethernet capability

i am a master c/c++ programmer, have skills about designing digital circuits, and have designed and programmed several embedded systems using 8051, and ATMega microcontrollers :)

but i know a little about ethernet and networking :(
i need some advice from anyone who has any experience or info about embedded ethernet, to start

please tell me:
1-which microcontroller is perfect for ethernet
2-which ethernet controller ic is suitable (cs8900, cp2200, ...)
3-introduce some book

Hello Friends,

I saw your question and see that you are master in embeded side and its gud way to go ahead but if you want to earn knowledge of networking do read cicso press book which is very efficient so that what you have asked me question can be answerable so kindly go through and let me know thanx...