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    i need help for a project.....programming for this project

    A motor boat is powered by deisel engine, running without any indication of the engine condition inside the wheel house.the engine have some built in transducer that provideanalog voltages to represent engine speed ,feul gauge,engine tempreture and digital signal(0 volt and 5 volts) to indicate if the coolant pump is running.

    we have to design and build a console unit so that it can be mounted insiade the wheel house to monitor these condition when the engine is in operation. An alarm is also needed when the coolant pump is not running. with the built in peripheral inside the pic18f4520 and its interuppt capabilities, it would be ideal to build a console unit as an embedded application

    additional feature can be added:
    a.A real time clock on the panel or ona multiplexed seven segment LEDs
    (must include interuppts and timer programmes)

    please i need help via these....and need guidance for the programmings
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    I am going to move this to the Homework Help section, as this appears to be a project from an assignment.

    What selections have you been able to make to the various engine sensors? And is this to be actually constructed, or run in simulation?