Embedded board with several IOs?

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I'm looking for a stand-alone embedded board (incuding CPU) with some special IOs. It should have at least two 16 bit analogue outputs (but real analogue ones, not simply some audio-hardware that isn't able to hold an output value over a longer time) and some digital outputs. When the digital IOs can be controlled by a PWM-signal it would be very nice but not a must-have.

All outputs should be able to be switched/changed with a frequency of at least 100 kHz, the more the better.

I'd prefer a PC 104 module but everything else that is not a full-size mainboard would be nice too.

And most important: it should be available as new hardware (so used one from eBay does not help) and should have a price of less than US $600.

Does anybody know if such a board is available?