EM Field: Angle between H and x-axis; frequency

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    Oct 19, 2010
    Hello all, could someone please assist me with the following problem?


    I've already made an attempt to part (b), (c), & (d) of this problem. Below is my work.


    • I'm having trouble with part (a). I drew the coordinate system but am not sure how to go about finding the angle between H and the x-axis. Am I supposed to use the H found in part (b) to answer part (a)?
      From part (b), I notice that H has a component on the x-axis. Does this mean that the angle between H and the x-axis is 0?

    • For part (d), I know the equation in obtaining frequency is f = ω/2pi. However, there is no value of ω given in the electric field of this problem. It's just "ω" ... I went through my book, and am still a little lost. Is there a way to find ω?

    Much help is needed, and I appreciate anyone taking the time to look at this. Many thanks in advance!