elevator project need help Pls

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I need some help designing a Digital elevator simulation using multimedia logics.I need some help and guidelines as to how I should get the truth table , kmaps and the digital circuit. I am required to use priority encoder, D lache and led drivers

I am required to design a digital circuit which has applications in elevator style controls. My circuit will be able to accept 4 momentary closed switches (push buttons) as input, for selecting one of four levels (i.e. 0, 1, 2 & 3). The output of the circuit will be the value of the presently selected level on a seven (7) segment LCD display. Additionally, my circuit should light one of four (4) LEDs corresponding to the push button which is activated. The circuit must maintain the state of all outputs even after a push button is released; only changing state when another button is activated. The circuit should be robust enough to cater for the possibility of several buttons being simultaneously activated by only registering the highest level of those selected.


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If you can post up your work so far, perhaps we can help you get unstuck. The elevator is a state machine, so making up the truth table should present no problem.


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I have done about the same project as you are going to do. I assume that you will also use PLC, PIC and/or PLD for your project. I agree with "beenthere", put up some of your work.

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