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    please help me , I have a final project in my college , and I have to build a model of elevator that has three floors and push buttons to let the elevator can stop in each floor but I have to use pic16f84a or any or any type of it in my programming but the problem is I don't know how to use it exactly.

    I know the basic but not all of them.

    I need to program the motor that has two directions to move the elevator up and down and as well I need sensors , 7 segment to display the number of floor and push buttons.

    I attach the picture of my design that I have to build the model as it.

    please help my as soon as possible , because I don't have enough time now before the date of submission .

    Thank you
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    I can't help you with the controller, except to help you flow chart the logic, but I can tell you that your model will have a problem. When the motor is stopped so the elevator can load/unload it will have a problem staying in place if it is too heavy for the motor to hold it at rest. A good way around this is to use an archimedian screw since it is self-braking at rest.

    To get started on the logic make a truth table and a flow chart. The elevator brain must know where the car is in relation to each floor, whether it is currently moving and if so whether it is moving up or down. The big decision is where to stop. If the car is going up from floor 1 to floor 3, did someone press the button on floor 2 and is he going up? If so and if the sensor has not yet been triggered, stop and pick him up, then go on up to floor 3. Etc.
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    I'd recommend a 28 or 40 pin PIC. The 84a is a bit of a dinosaur and has nowhere near enough pins.
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    Thanks very much for all of you.
    but I want some hints how build it , I have finished the box and I am going to use 7segment as a number display and sensors to detect the elevator car position.
    if you have some hints how to build it without software it is very good .
    I just want to build it and make it move up and down as it required from the user that will push the buttons.

    I have a video here shows how it should be built.