elevator in a 5 story building with weight alarm

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Good day to all..

I'm just new here and i'm currently facing a school activity
but the thing is that the problem is somewhat tricky.. and i don't have any good idea on how to construct its circuit..
here it goes by the way.

- An Elevator carrying separate package having a weight ranging from 0 to 15 kg . the capacity of the elevator is 15 kg. if the weight exceeds the buzzer will alarm

any suggestion please, our topic is about full adder.. motors and ICs are the only components that can be used
thanks in advance...:)
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i noticed that your post is very familiar... hahahaha ;p i think i know how to solve your problem.. come by at PUP sta. Mesa CEA Bldg. :D and i will tell you how to construct the circuit... hahaha :D