Elevator Design

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I have as a project to design an elevator with 12 floors and the ground level. The elevator must respond to the requests of the persons inside and also outside. The order of processing the requests depends on the direction of movement (up or down) and also the order of the floors. For example: If a person is at ground level and wants to go to the 8th floor and while moving up a person from the third floor calls the elevator to go the fifth floor, the elevator should stop at the third floor, pick up the second person and also stop at the fifth floor before stopping at the 8th floor. However, if the demand from the third floor was after the elevator passed the third floor, the elevator must remember this demand and complete it after the first demand. I hope I was clear enough :)
My problem is that I don't know how to store the demands ( because there could be a very large number of people requesting the elevator). Any idea or help is appreciated. Thank you.