Elenco ST-3030 adjusted the temperature reading (I fixed)

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This is a nice clamp on digital meter which reads DC and AC amps, temp, capacitance, volts, diode, etc... from Amazon was cheap.
If you find the K type thermocouple gives you readings too low, mine was off by 5 degrees!
The adjusting pot is number VR5 located on the smaller circuit board, not the main board.
Now it reads 32-33 in ice water versus 27-28 and boiling water reads 211-212 versus 205-206.
(I am at sea level)
You can send it in for a recalibration, but who wants to wait or pay the shipping.

I carefully measured the existing pot settings before going thru trial and error to find the correct potentiometer.
Anyway wanted to post in case some one can use this info in the future.