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    Feb 8, 2010

    Can someone please help on this:

    DesignA transducer for one of the industrial application has an internal
    impedance that is always less than 50 Ohms but is variable over time. A
    signal conditioning unit that produces an amplified version of the internal
    source voltage vs is required. The voltage gain should be -10±10.

    a) Design a signal conditioning unit for this application,
    b) Explain the design process of the unit,
    c) Use Multisim CAD software to simulate the unit, then compare
    between the results of point b and c.

    Thank you
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    That was quite an order;) And what should "the transducer" transduce? As a general rule in this forum. We do not provide turnkey ready applications or do homework for others. But we can help you with design questions and evaluation of your design. And you are welcome to ask any design related question. But you have to put in some effort your self. A very good start is to provide whatever you have of schematic describing your current circuit.
    Looking forward to hear from you again
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