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    Mar 8, 2013

    The project is a device that generates what is termed 'white noise,' i.e., a steady hiss or static sound to cover noise spikes. This noise-spike screen is useful for, e.g., those with insomnia living in a boisterous environment.

    At any rate, I would need instructions--or, a link to same--which detail the items needed and the assembly of the device. A two to three inch speaker, a potentiometer, a transformer (I would rather use line voltage, 110 VAC, than batteries), and the device/component that will generate the steady stream of static/hiss.

    Yes, there are products on the market which purport to provide white noise, but (and, via the Amazon reviews) their reliability is suspect, or worse (not to mention the exorbitant price demanded).

    Any help provided towards the completion of this unit is gratefully received.

    thank you!
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    Some terminology may be helpful. White noise consists of equal amounts of energy at all frequencies. This is actually unachievable in reality since we can't make a real device that goes to infinite frequency. Pink noise is similar except that the frequencies are bounded on the high end and possibly the low end as well. This is realizable.

    Since the upper range of human hearing is approximately 20 kz, this would be a good starting point for an upper bound. An audio amplifier with the gain (volume control turned up high enough and no input source will be a rough approximation of what you want. You should be able to buy one of these at Radio shack for small change.
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    an analogue TV (remember them?) tuned to an empty/unused channel will also give a very loud pink noise output. Try recording that and play back on an endless loop.

    Might be hard to find an empty channel these days, what, with the likes of Knife shopping networks and laser hair removal ads two hours long. :)
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    If you have an FM receiver which allows you to turn the muting off: between stations you will get white noise.
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    Last time I saw a schematic of a noise generator, it used the B-C junction of a transistor in reverse breakdown mode, and then some amplification and filtering.
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    I do it with a PIC, just generate a psuedo random string of data on an output pin.

    There is a project on the internet somewhere where a person did this with an 8pin PIC to make a replacement for the old 8pin white noise generator IC that is no longer available.

    A quick google found hit at the top of the list! Here;