Electronics Parts Online Distributor That Accepts Western Union Payments


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actually most do. Simply look at their terms and conditions page..
Digikey does for sure as I just checked their terms..


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On request the projectronix.com guyz do this, I had ordered a month ago.
I'm actually amazed. I thought after the bankruptcy and the demise of the telegram that they had mostly disappeared from the landscape except for money transfers with excessively high fees in urban neighborhoods.


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http://www.mouser.com probaby does but you'd have to call or write them to find out.

Are you in an area where picking up one of those pre-paid Visa debit cards isnt an option?

Due to the amount of security incorporated in my home network the last thing I'm worried about is getting hacked, yet as with anyone no amount of protection is 100% so I almost exclusively use the prepaid cards for my personal online purchases. If spending a major amount I just get a card for it and use it right away leaving nothing left for a hacker to get. I also keep one with a limited balance so that's the most they could get if they found out that #.