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Is there anyone out there know any free electronic lab/program that simulate electronics lab equipments?

i have been doing lab in my school with jumpers wire and breadboard(circuit) and connecting them to Power supply and measurement tools like digital multimeter/Oscilloscope. (Circuit Analysis)
My lab lesson is so short and i am lack of practice. My lab test is coming and i am wondering if theres any simulators out there that can help me.

You know i can afford to buy those expensive equipments:(


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There are some free on-screen oscilloscope programs, which use your computer's sound card for input. But I suppose they don't have DC coupling, normally, and don't have too much above audio-frequency bandwidth. I saw one, a long time ago, and it was pretty nice-looking. I think that it also had a spectrum analyzer, built in. Sorry I don't have the URL, for you. Some searches for "sound card oscilloscope" might find one.

This website has some great stuff that you can try free for 30 days (and very reasonably, after that, plus some of it stays free forever):


It's mainly a spectrum analyzer and oscilloscope, plus a signal generator, but has lots of other extremely-powerful and useful features. It was done by a very intelligent guy named Bob Masta, with whom I've traded a few emails, in the past.

Good luck!

- Tom Gootee