Electronics for high school

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Hi all

I have a project to write free high school science textbooks
( Free High School Science Texts ) for (at first) the South African syllabus. Recently an Electronics chapter was added to the
syllabus and we are struggling to write it.

In fact all I've done is steal content from wikipedia about electronics. This isn't
a copyright violation as we are using the GFDL.

Is there anyone who might be interested in helping us with this
(or any other) chapter?

It won't need to be very long and we can provide the list of required
content and some content but we need someone who understands and
can explain the concepts properly.



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Originally posted by dragan733@Jan 9 2005, 06:40 PM
Say, we are here to help you
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I attached a pdf file of what is in that chapter at the moment - don't laugh!
I tried attaching the .tex file that makes it but I got an error.

The curriculum document only says the following:

• capacitive and inductive circuits;
• filters and signal tuning;
• active circuit elements, diode, LED and field
effect transistor, operational amplifier;
• principles of digital electronics – logical
gates, counting circuits.

So its needs to be better tailored for 16 year old students and its
missing a lot of stuff still.



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Originally posted by dragan733@Jan 9 2005, 07:42 PM
I read the file in the attachment. All is clear and well explained. What is not clear from your part to ask?
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I need to get is looking more like the Force, Energy and Momentum
chapters contained in:

FHSST Physics

and I was hoping that I could find someone to help work on the
chapter. To be sure everything in it is correct and that it flows



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hi mark,

try to check on the topic i have started on Audio Active Filters.

click on my user name, then click on the find member topic.

moz :)