Electronics Engineering syllabus/curriculum

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    I just want to ask if there are professors here or students who have their curriculum. I just want to have a copy.

    curriculum is like a timetable. There you see what topic will be tackled in First Semester of First Year, etc.

    Thank you.

    P.S. If curriculum fits the description more than a syllabus, disregard syllabus. Thanks.
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    1st Year:

    Analogue and Digital Electronics 1:
    Basic Op Amps
    BJT transistor analysis
    BJT as amplifier
    BJT as switch
    Basic Boolean Algebra
    K Maps
    Flip Flops

    Electrical Engineering 1:
    Ohm's Law
    Power Equations
    Converting Sources
    Capacitors in DC
    Capacitors and Inductors in AC
    Resonant circuits

    Computer Architecture and Networks:
    No one really knows

    Systems Project:
    Series of tasks given each week. A logbook to be kept and marked. Labs closed at 5pm, only three spare hours during the week. How people are supposed to finish it to any sort of reasonable standard is beyond me.

    Engineering Maths:
    Everything from addition to first order differential equations.

    My uni also does one module on something not involved with engineering, so I'm doing a pilot's licence.

    Very jealous of Geo's university. Mine has no optional modules, I am bound to follow what the uni tells me. I guess you can tell I'm not very happy with my uni. It got rid of it's physics department for a sports massage course, got rid of all its radio measurement equipment, and as mentioned is the opposite of accommodating when it comes to students who actually want to get a good grade. You need some extra time in the lab to finish work? Tough luck.

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    Here(PDF) is the current flowchart for my alma mater - note that this school is on the quarter system.

    Also, the course descriptions help...

    They used to give out specialization certificates (don't really mean anything except your area of focus), depending on the classes you take, but have since done away with them.