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  1. Khalid Abur-Rahman

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    Dec 25, 2008
    Will I be able to find a good engineering job based off my resume?

    Based off my resume

    John Will Doe
    Lucky Berry, CA 92340
    Mobile: 123-456-0789
    E-mail: JohnDoe@hotmail.com
    To obtain an engineering position in the electronics industry that will utilize my technical training and electronics knowledge.
    Strong communicator, self-motivated, results driven, with an enthusiastic attitude towards successfully supporting the organization's overall mission.
    • Bachelor of Science Degree – Electronics and Communications Engineering Technology
    June 2009
    ITT Technical Institute, Anaheim, California
    • Associate of Science Degree – Computer and Electronics and Engineering Technology June 2006
    ITT Technical Institute, Anaheim, California
    • Basic knowledge of Multisim and LT Spice4. Basic knowledge of AVR Studio and C Programming language. Proficient in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Exel.
    • Knowledge of various electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, transistors, diodes, transformers, and inductors. Knowledge of Op Amps, Microcontrollers and various IC components. Good through – hole and SMT soldering skills. Able to use test equipment such as oscilloscopes, power supplies, network analyzers, and function generators. Able to read electronic schematics and build prototypes. Able to troubleshoot to component level.
    • Wing Design Services, Lucky Berry, California
    RF Test Technician
    From 02/2008 to present
    Use network analyzer and ATE to tune and align circuitry into specification compliance by
    adjusting and modifying circuit elements. Troubleshoot and repair if failures occur.

    • Newport Medical Instruments, Costa Mesa, California
    Electronic Assembler
    From 05/2007 to 2/2008
    Use small hand tools to assemble medical instruments such as breathing ventilators
    and the subassemblies within them according to blueprint drawings.

    • Lanny Electronics, Brea, California
    Electronic Technician
    From 10/2006 to 04/2007
    Troubleshoot to component level and repair electronic and mechanical failures of 5 disc
    CD changers.

    • Hosa Technology, Buena Park, California
    Electronic Technician
    From 2/2006 to 10/2006
    Assist Engineer in prototyping electronic designs. Use Oscilloscope and multimeter to test and trouble shoot audio products such as microphones, various audio cables, and studio monitors.
    • Beckman Coulter, Brea, California
    From 8/2005 to 2/2006
    Use small hand tools to assemble medical instruments according to blueprint drawings and specifications.
    • Circuit City, Santa Ana, California
    Sales Associate
    From 2/2005 to 8/2005
    Assist customers in purchasing the products that they need.
    • Marines, Twenty-nine Palms, California
    Corporal/Active Duty/Radio Operator
    From 07/2000 to 07/2004
    Operate, maintain and set up various field communications equipment for military operations. Train and lead newly joined Marines.
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    Apr 25, 2008
    To much reading for hr reveiwer,reseach firm you want to apply,
    learn there mission statement.They pay a lot attention to making
    a mission statement. There is a lot applications, be concise It stand out
    the fewer words stating your education and experience,soldering,handtools
    c.d. changers .Guys jump in and help with resume I'm not the expert here,
    If you got job recently help out.A lot of jobs are found by word of mouth.
    The military says a lot, Because It give you stucture that many employers
    want and respect,that you can follow a plan. Jump In guys he needs help.
    I only have a small voice In this area.
  3. jpanhalt


    Jan 18, 2008
    I would ask a question during an interview related to the number of jobs that you held for only 6 months or so each. Were you a temporary hire going in, or did the jobs just not work out? I don't want the answer(s) here, but be prepared for that question.

  4. nanovate

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    May 7, 2007
    The resume (and cover letter) get you the interview not the job.

    You spent 4 years in the Marines and only have two sentences to show for it. You can expand it by including statements about leadership, meeting critical deadlines, ensuring operations under all conditions etc... Did you have a clearance?

    What are you "expert" in? You say "Basic Knowledge" of Multisim, LT Spice4, AVR Studio and C Programming language.-- what does that mean? It might be better to say how much experience you have on each. "2 Years Programming C" or "4 Years SPICE using LTSPICE and MultiSim"
  5. Steve C

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    Nov 29, 2008
    Your resume tells me nothing about you.

    Ditton on the summary statement. Start your resume with a summary of your skills. simple short lists, no more than four sentences or so. Where you are coming from and what you are bringing to the table. Do not say what you want (the "objective"), focus on what you bring to the company. Any buzzwords you use will be justified in the text of the resume.

    But what is really weak are your job descriptions. You could have performed poorly at all your jobs or really kicked arse. I can't tell.


    Try this:

    reword your experience bullets so they read like accomplishments. Think about problems you faced at work, what you did to meet them, and the result. Then write exactly that in a single sentence. "Assist customers in purchasing the products that they need." is weak. "Assisted customers resulting in two million in sales in Q4 2008" sounds way better. That's the guy I want on my customer support team!

    "Use small hand tools to assemble medical instruments according to blueprint drawings and specifications." you could have been the slowest guy on the line. "Devised improved method to assemble medical instruments resulting in $XXX savings in monthly labor cost." Maybe you assembled in a way that got you finished 15 minutes early compared to your coworkers. Think of how that translated to dollars in the long term. The job description tells me you were an assembler. The bulleted accomplishment statements are supposed to tell me why you were the best assembler, the star of your group.

    Things like that. Accomplishment Statements. That impacts a hiring manager much more than a job description.
  6. Steve C

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    Nov 29, 2008
    Youve got such great potential here.

    "Troubleshoot and repair if failures occur." This is gold gone to waste. Was there a failure? Maybe a deadline that got shot because of a miserable failure and you came to the rescue, saving a project or key customer or meeting a difficult deadline, anything?

    "can troubleshoot at the component level" Great! When did you do it? Was this a time you were troubleshooting and repairing issues? write about a result of component level troubleshooting.

    Only other thing I can say is pull the date on your degrees, it's not needed. The hiring manager wants to see youve got your degree and where from. In the modern resume, it goes on the bottom, not the top. Just above special awards or professional memberships (like ieee)